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What does Momus mean?

Momus is the Greek god of satire. He’s kind of a badass, and everything all of us peasants aspire to be: a meme god.

How do I save a meme?

Save your memes by clicking the heart icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You can revisit saved memes anytime by clicking the stack of saved memes icon to the left of the heart, or from your home screen. Easy access, baby;)

Can I export directly to social media?

For damn sure! When your meme is fully baked, tap the arrow icon in the upper right corner of your screen and share straight to social. If you’d rather save to your phone, that’s cool too.

What’s special about Momus Meme Studio?

Our meme engineers have crafted the PERFECT fool-proof templates to make sure that your memes look professional every time. No more weird spacing and ugly fonts. Can we get a hell yeah?

Does Momus support GIFs?

Not yet, but soon. Hang tight fam.

How do I get sticker or template updates?

Opt-in to push notifications in your Settings and sign up to get our emails in the Meme Insider portal. We promise to keep you posted on all things meme-related and not to waste your time.

What’s Meme Insider?

Access to exclusive video content featuring your favorite meme account admins. Tips for writing relatable captions, finding dank images, hitting the explore page, etc. All that good stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Sign up on the home screen or in Settings.

Can I get rid of the Momus watermark from my meme?

We’ll allow it. You can purchase ‘remove watermark’ by clicking on the ‘Made with Momus’ watermark on any CLASSIC template. Or you can unlock everything. We‘d prefer that.

What options do I have for adding photos?

You can upload from your camera roll (obviously), take a pic, or grab images from our curated ‘Momusworthy’ feed that we update constantly. You’re welcome.

Still have questions?

Our meme support team is happy to help. Shoot us an email at support@momus.com.